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New Year, New Stuff


Tri-County Woman Magazine first came onto the scene in 2005. It was in print through 2008, becoming a web-based publication until 2010. Although the awards won for its editorial, design, web content, and calendar are still hanging in my office, it's been away for far too long.

But all that will change soon because we're re-launching the webzine later this fall.

Part of the impetus behind the move was that there still isn't a publication in our region that focuses on women and all the wonderful stuff we do - whether we are stay-at-home moms, recent graduates, corporate CEOs or retired professionals. Not only are we amazing, but we roar pretty loudly most times. There should be an outlet for that. Tri-County Woman is a great vehicle for just that.

We're feverishly working behind the scenes to get the visually fun but very user-friendly website up - and utilizing the expertise of area designers, graphic artists, photographers, videographers and writers for our cont…

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