Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009: A Recap

Interesting year 2009 has been. Between the highs of the inauguration of the country's first African-American president and the lows of a global recession, there were other events that kept us from being bored. Sadly, though, even though the pundits tell us the economy is in recovery mode, I know four folks who lost their jobs this month alone. Sigh...

The magazine has been through changes as well - including moving from a quarterly print to a bi-monthly digital publication. Although we tried a few events to help spur the local economy, the one that took off the most has been "First Fridays" - our girls' night out chick flick at a local cinema on the first Friday of each month. Since the first Friday of January is also New Year's Day, we'll be picking up right where we left off in February - so we'll keep you posted.

Here's hoping your 2010 is off to a good start! Happy New Year :-)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Dear Santa...

My son informed me a week before Christmas that his holiday list was almost complete. A day later, he slid a typed sheet of paper under my bedroom door which read as follows:

Christmas List 2009

So, here it is. It's that time of year again. Sleigh bells ringing, ornaments jingling and we all know that gift exchange is not the true meaning of Christmas or what it's all about, but...IT'S A BIG PART OF IT :-). So this is the Christmas list from me this year. And normally I would send this to Santa, but he's a little bit busy this year!!!

Wish List:
1. Spining Toothbrush
2. Some blue Pentel WOW! ™ Pens
3. Cell phone case and screen protector for the Samsung Eternity a867
4. iTunes gift card for music download
5. Anything from Old Navy that you could see me wearing
6. Tekken 6 for PSP
7. Tekken 6 for PS3
8. PS3 :-)
9. DDR X2 for PS2
10. Any DVD that you think I would enjoy watching

Thank you!! I will be doing some Christmas shopping as well...It's not all about me :-)

*NOTE: The sender of this letter knows very well that money does not grow on trees and that we are in a recession. This list is meant to be a SUGGESTION of gifts - not an Expectation or Demand. I understand that the gift giver will do what he/she can. And whatever is received will be appreciated to the fullest extent.

Thanks again!!!


It wasn't signed, but since he is the only person in the house under 40, I kinda figured it was from him. Nice how he snuck the PS3 in there, huh?!?

BTW, Santa-Mom axed the PS3 but was able to find the spining toothbrush! Old Navy had nothing left by the time I got there, so I gave him a gift certificate instead. The only thing Santa-Mom messed up on was the Dance Dance Revolution game; she bought DDR X - which he already had - instead of X2. I thought the package looked familiar...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

When Celebrity Trumps News

I gotta admit, I feel kinda bad for Tiger Woods these days. His personal business is totally "in the streets" right now. Not passing judgement at all, but imagine going through such a jacked-up family situation and having the whole world knowing intimate details about it almost instantly. Such is the price of celebrity, I guess. But, dang, it seems like a high price to pay.

For the last three days, information about his 2:30am car crash and speculation about what could have preceded it have been lead stories on everything from the morning "infotainment" news shows like "The Today Show" and "Good Morning America" to the national evening news broadcasts. Squeaky-clean athlete/role model possibly caught with his pants down - how scandalous! But really, that stuff happens every day to athletes, politicians, celbs and regular Joes alike. Just ask Kobe Bryant, Elliot Spitzer, George Michael or your best friend - because everyone knows someone whose honey got caught cheating.

I kinda admire Tiger's attempts to keep the information flow to a minimum, though. This is something between him and his family and has nothing to do with me and mine - still information about it is everywhere. I really don't even CARE about what goes on in his bedroom any more than I care about what goes on in my neighbor's. I really wish the media outlets would GET that and leave the Woods family be.

The worst part is that while the papers and networks are sending their reporters out to gather the latest on Tiger, information about what should really matter gets buried on page 99 or barely nets a 30 second mention on the evening news. Seriously, anyone know the status of the Health Care bill right now?

And, yes, I am a card-carrying member of the media, but we're doing a pathetic job of prioritizing as of late. And as a member of the general public, I'm blaming us, too. At production (for TV news) and front page (for news publications) meetings all over the country, editors and producers are hashing out arguments as to why one particular story is more important than another. What makes something news is often the amount of people seeking information about it. So stop asking. Stop Googling, stop buying the tabloids whose headlines promise to detail everything about the woman Tiger has supposedly been "seeing for months" and stop watching "Entertainment Tonight." If we (the general public) show we're not interested, we (the media) will stop covering it.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program...

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