Friday, October 24, 2008

It's Getting HOT In Here...

Even though the temperature here in the good old Northeast has taken a bit of a dive (it was 27 degrees when my son left for school this morning), the political scene has certainly heated things up. Whether you are an Obama-kin or McCain's your guy, it's hard not to turn on the television without seeing an ad for either of the presidential candidates or commentary from the bevy of news shows on the latest rally, press conference or interview by one of the candidates or their running mates. And the election is still two weeks away.

Whomever is elected will have a hell of a long row to hoe. With the sliding economy, the horrible housing market, the growing deficit, raising unemployment, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, my question is who the heck would want such an incredibly difficult job? Sure "Leader of the Free World" is an exciting job title, but the benefits seem to pale in comparison to the crap that has to be dealt with.

As times get tougher, I'm more than thankful to have a job. But as the presidential election gets closer, I'm also thankful I don't have that one.

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  1. AMEN!! Who would want a job like that?!

    Although we all have our own ideas about how best to run this great country, I think most of us would fail miserably! President of the good ole' US of A is a tough job and one that carries no gratitude! If you are pleasing one group you are stepping on the toes of the other. We all want to tell how it should be done - but who could really do it?

    Good luck - whoever may win. May you be able to better this great nation!!


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