Monday, December 28, 2009

Dear Santa...

My son informed me a week before Christmas that his holiday list was almost complete. A day later, he slid a typed sheet of paper under my bedroom door which read as follows:

Christmas List 2009

So, here it is. It's that time of year again. Sleigh bells ringing, ornaments jingling and we all know that gift exchange is not the true meaning of Christmas or what it's all about, but...IT'S A BIG PART OF IT :-). So this is the Christmas list from me this year. And normally I would send this to Santa, but he's a little bit busy this year!!!

Wish List:
1. Spining Toothbrush
2. Some blue Pentel WOW! ™ Pens
3. Cell phone case and screen protector for the Samsung Eternity a867
4. iTunes gift card for music download
5. Anything from Old Navy that you could see me wearing
6. Tekken 6 for PSP
7. Tekken 6 for PS3
8. PS3 :-)
9. DDR X2 for PS2
10. Any DVD that you think I would enjoy watching

Thank you!! I will be doing some Christmas shopping as well...It's not all about me :-)

*NOTE: The sender of this letter knows very well that money does not grow on trees and that we are in a recession. This list is meant to be a SUGGESTION of gifts - not an Expectation or Demand. I understand that the gift giver will do what he/she can. And whatever is received will be appreciated to the fullest extent.

Thanks again!!!


It wasn't signed, but since he is the only person in the house under 40, I kinda figured it was from him. Nice how he snuck the PS3 in there, huh?!?

BTW, Santa-Mom axed the PS3 but was able to find the spining toothbrush! Old Navy had nothing left by the time I got there, so I gave him a gift certificate instead. The only thing Santa-Mom messed up on was the Dance Dance Revolution game; she bought DDR X - which he already had - instead of X2. I thought the package looked familiar...

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