Sunday, December 15, 2013

An Open Letter

Dear - well, you know who you are…

The saying "It takes a village to raise a child" means EVERYONE in the village, not everyone except you. Amazing how special you think you are. You aren't. Not even a little.

If a person says they will help then doesn't, it's reprehensible. Either find a way or a willingness to help or keep the promises out of your mouth. See, when you don't come through, the rest of the village is forced to pick up your slack, whether they want to or not. Unlike you, watching the child go under is just not an option for the rest of us.

And just so you know, real adults handle their business. Real adults do what they have to do to make a way out of no way. Real adults may get tired, but they don't do lazy. Sitting around scratching your ass is not an acceptable answer. Real adults get off of theirs and make things happen.

Seriously, you disgust me.

I hope that, for your sake, everyone is not as disgusted with your shenanigans as I am. I hope that when they pick out your long-term care facility or nursing home, they find some way to remember human quality you once had so they will not put you away in a roach motel. Even if they don't, you need to start making reparations now so you will have an occasional visitor then.

Let me wrap this up by reminding you of this: that you are fooling no one - especially not me. If whomever writes your eulogy was taught the same thing my mom taught me about what to say if you can't say something nice, there may be lots of awkward silence during your service. Perhaps a musical selection could be inserted instead. Good luck with that.

Enjoy the rest of your miserable existence,


1 comment:

  1. Wow. That was very good but I'm SO glad I'm not the intended target! I think I know who is though....:) Hang in there Felicia...I'm thinking of you and hoping all is well. All the best, always...lisa


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