Saturday, December 31, 2016

Good Riddance, 2016...

It's been a looooong year, it really has. Celebrity deaths, Brexit, refugee crises and the shocking US election aside, this year was filled with a particular brand of crazy that never really seemed to let up.

My family and I suffered lots of personal losses - including a very dear, Stevie Wonder-loving breast cancer sister and the bestest cat in the world. I have friends who lost spouses and some others who had some extremely major health scares. And yes, the hits to the music and entertainment world were unreal as I'm still reeling from Prince's passing. Hard to believe that brilliant mind is just done, it really is.

But you know what? Somehow, we made it through. A little worse for wear and a bit heart-heavy, but still standing. The adjustment to the new normal seemingly begins almost before the shock of what just happened even wears off.

Humans are remarkably resilient. Not sure if we are, as the adage says, actually made stronger by adversity, but getting through those really rough patches you think will take you out says a whole heck of a lot.

So keep standing. Keep pushing for what is right. Take time to mourn whatever loss you've encountered then re-adjust your sails and keep it moving.

Because sometimes the only way out is to keep going.

May 2017 be all you hope it will be.

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